Impressionist Fingerpainting

"If you were hesitant about taking an online art class don’t be. Catherine Shea’s new online workshop “Impressionist Fingerpainting Class” is well presented with easy to follow directions, has measurable outcomes, is tailored for all ages & it is fun! It is divided into 5 segments that you can easily start & stop. Catherine’s intuitive teaching style & experience with all age groups has easily translated online with an easy step by step approach with easy to understand instructions. The various camera angles allow the viewer to see her methods for applying the paint to the canvas as though you were with her in the classroom. If you want a workshop where you will have a fun time painting, alone or with your family, & a painting that you will be proud to hang on your wall afterwards than this is the one to sign up for! " - M.H.


"When I was originally looking for art classes, and choosing an artist I wanted to learn from, I looked at their style of work, and I admire Catherine's - it stood out to me. I've had a lot of fun with the geometric classes, and it was really clear from the beginning what outcomes I'd achieve with Catherine. Catherine clearly demonstrates what we'll be working on through her own work, and as she paints she talks through technique, style, and use of colour. It's fun, and easy to follow. Catherine's very engaging, and she coaches you through the process. She encourages you to think about your design, and the colours you want to use. It's not a copy of her work at the end of the day, it's your own piece, completed with her guidance. One of the great things about her courses being offered online, is now you can start and stop it when you need to. You can take your time with it, and it can fit your own schedule. We all get different things out of art, and ultimately I really enjoyed the process, the learning and I also have something I enjoy looking at, and I achieved that through Catherine's geometric class." - C.H

Abstract Pointillism

"Whether you have never painted before, or are looking for something new to explore in your art practice, you will be in good hands with Catherine Shea in this free flowing and playful exploration of pointillism style of painting. This project is also wonderful for children of all ages. It is divided into 5 easy to follow segments which include clear step by step instructions and demonstration of each step. Helpful hints along the way will give you the knowledge to gain confidence to complete this project and produce a wonderful and colourful piece of art fit for any wall. At first I was hesitant to try an online art class as I had been working from home and spending my days online for the last several months. But once we began painting I found myself having fun and I felt as though Catherine was in the room with me. One of my goals was to become more familiar with colour theory and this project was perfect for that. Catherine gave many examples of how to choose colours that work together, mix colours, and how to use dark shades, mid shades and light shades, as well as many more enlightening aspects of the relationship between colours. Catherine presents this class in a calm and reassuring way that will make you feel like a natural born artist! I would definitely recommend this class." - J.H.